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Our  Services

Acquire High-Impact Talent

We are a process driven firm. Through deep understanding of local cultures and behaviors as well as global corporate values, we´ve developed the ability to design tailored services based on the specific needs of each of our customers.

Our  Services

Leverage talent for innovation and growth

We are a process driven firm. Through deep understanding of local cultures and behaviors as well as global corporate values, we´ve developed the ability to design tailored services based on the specific needs of each of our customers.

Our  Services
Career Services

Helping individuals achieve sustainable development.

Help achieve specific personal and professional goals by developing potential, improving relationships, and enhancing performance. As an executive, your career success will depend on an ongoing strategy, active engagement in your career direction, and routine updates of your resume and online presence.

Our  Regions

Global Reach With Local Knowledge

The firm's headquarters are located in Houston and it has offices in Guadalajara, Monterrey, Mexico City with partner firms in the rest of the world .

Alder Koten Global


Employee Engagement Starts Before Day One

We provide an onboarding experience that helps
guarantee early engagement and the success of new employees.

Full Circle Hiring Experience

Alder Koten can provide full circle hiring experience by adding onboarding activities recruiting projects. Our onboarding consultants work with client personnel and human resources departments to manage all aspects of the onboarding process.

Onboarding On Time

Our onboarding coaches manage strict timelines and follow-up with candidates to guarantee adherence to deadlines and milestones. This includes ensuring that all paperwork is covered and candidates have clarity about everything from benefits to job responsibilities.

Supporting Integration

The personal changes involved in the immersion into a new culture are more complex than many organizations are willing to admit. We help both clients and candidates with the intangible aspects of integration through coaching and third-party insight.

ak Quadrant

Going beyond paperwork and deadlines

Our onboarding coaches use our proprietary ak Quadrant model to ensure a thorough understanding of all aspects of job responsibilities and team integration. The approach helps new employees visualize the different elements that have an impact on their success in an organization. This includes:

The Technical Quadrant that focuses on technical expertise in product, industry, processes, regions, and functional specialty.

The Transformation Quadrant that focuses on the competencies that drive or support change initiatives within the organization.

The Business Quadrant that focuses on the leadership and management skills that are expected in the role.

The Cultural Quadrant that focuses on the organization’s culture and cultural fit.

Alde Koten Onboarding

Our Eight-Step Process

Our multi-method approach combines the evaluation of business, technical, and transformation competencies with rigorous referencing and external input. The assessment of the individual’s cultural profile complements the evaluation of competencies.



Paperwork Checklist

We create a thorough checklist in collaboration with our client of the paperwork that is required and the deadlines for required forms and documents.


Benefits Information

We work with the human resources and benefits departments to put together a comprehensive package that includes all the information on company benefits and relevant contacts.


Key Contacts

The onboarding coach works with human resources to identify a sponsor, mentor, and the human resources point of contact. The onboarding coach works with each of them to clarify the expectations of the support role and establish a plan of action.


Gathering expectations

The Alder Koten onboarding coach speaks with supervisors, peers, and subordinates to understand the expectations of the new employee. This includes technical skills, management skills, collaboration style, and goals for the first 7, 15, 30, 60, 90 and 120 days.


Plan for the first 90 days

The Alder Koten onboarding coach meets with the new employee to discuss the expectations of the team and to create a plan for the first 120 days.  This includes an introduction to the sponsor, mentor, and human resources point of contact.

Day One



The first day for a new employee is planned, scripted, and structured with introductions, and information to help them gain familiarity with their new environment. This includes making the employee comfortable in their individual workspace, navigating the office itself, modes of communication, use of equipment, and other expectations.

First 90 Days


Ongoing Guidance

The Alder Koten onboarding coach and the new employee interact during weekly sessions to review progress on the 90-day plan, communication with the sponsor, mentor, and interactions with others in the organization, achievement of goals, and performance.


90 Day 360 Degree Input

Alder Koten onboarding coaches conduct interviews with the employee, superiors, peers, and subordinates to evaluate the new employee’s interaction, leadership style, communication skills, and situational performance. The feedback is conveyed in a coaching session with the new employee.