Don’t just say it, prove it

Don’t just say it, prove it
Just Prove It - Alder Koten

Selling and describing yourself in a resume, a presentation, an interview or meeting is a crucial factor in getting noticed, getting promoted or getting hired.

In doing it, avoid adjectives and go for the evidence.

Don’t say: “I’m a proven sales person.”

Say: “In the last year I achieved a 70% growth in sales when the market grew only by 20%.”

Go for hard numbers: “achieved a 70% growth” and put it into context “when the market grew only by 20%”. 70% growth would not be very impressive if the market is growing at a much higher rate.

Don’t say “I have strong management skills.”

Say “I’ve managed teams of up to 6 direct reports and over 20 indirect reports that have improved year to year margins by more than 19%.”

Think about the message you want to convey and then use the evidence to drive it through.

If you can’t come up with the evidence, then avoid sending the wrong message.

Silvia Flores serves as Managing Partner of Brakston Grey, a division of Alder Koten that focuses on high potential professionals and managers on a development path for executive positions, and is a member of the firm’s maquiladora, and supply chain & operations practices.