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Our  Services

Acquire High-Impact Talent

We are a process driven firm. Through deep understanding of local cultures and behaviors as well as global corporate values, we´ve developed the ability to design tailored services based on the specific needs of each of our customers.

Our  Services

Leverage talent for innovation and growth

We are a process driven firm. Through deep understanding of local cultures and behaviors as well as global corporate values, we´ve developed the ability to design tailored services based on the specific needs of each of our customers.

Our  Services
Career Services

Helping individuals achieve sustainable development.

Help achieve specific personal and professional goals by developing potential, improving relationships, and enhancing performance. As an executive, your career success will depend on an ongoing strategy, active engagement in your career direction, and routine updates of your resume and online presence.

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Global Reach With Local Knowledge

The firm's headquarters are located in Houston and it has offices in Guadalajara, Monterrey, Mexico City with partner firms in the rest of the world .

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Alder Koten’s Jose Ruiz is Recognized as an NACD Board LeadershipFellow
Sep 21, 2017

The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) recently recognized Jose J. Ruiz as an NACD Board Leadership Fellow. NACD Fellows, who earn NACD Fellowship—The Gold Standard Director Credential®— stand within the highest echelon of those committed to excellence in the boardroom. 

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Seven ways to be a leader that listens
Sep 18, 2017

Seven ways to be a leader that listens by Jose Ruiz serves as Alder Koten’s Chief Executive Officer providing vision, strategic direction and the roadmap for the firm’s future. He is also involved in executive search work focused on board members, CEOs and senior-level executives; and consulting engagements related to leadership and organizational effectiveness helping clients create thriving cultures.

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6 Must-have multicultural management skills
Aug 13, 2017

Today’s workplace is much more diverse than twenty years ago. People from all kinds of background, including nationalities, ethnicities, and religions, can be found working together in an office. Besides, differences in education levels, self-perceptions (positive or negative), and social classes also contribute to the complexity of a modern workplace.

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Do these 9 things maintain the delicate balance of work and life
Jul 20, 2017

Work-life balance does not come automatically. You must work on them mindfully. Love yourself, so you can contribute more to your job and make a good living for your loved ones.

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How to determine which experts to hire for the board
May 17, 2017

Selecting people to join the board of directors must be done carefully to ensure good corporate governance.

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10 Must read books on your way to the C-Suite
Apr 26, 2017

We have curated the following list that we hope will help you on your way to the C- Suite.

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Are you ready for a C-level position?
Apr 17, 2017

The corporate career ladder is like a funnel. The higher the position, the smaller pool of candidates would be qualified. C-level positions are the ultimate destination, which requires preparation long before arriving.

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Why Amazon Remains Prime Hunting Ground for Headhunters
Apr 14, 2017

Why Amazon Remains Prime Hunting Ground for Headhunters Nothing plays on the mind – and organizational chart – of every CEO more than talent raiding. Here's why modern day poaching can create a logistical nightmare for some companies . . . and how they can stem talent loss.

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A defined business ideology can guide you from inception to maturity
Apr 6, 2017

Managing with ideological differences requires more than alertness of whether an action is in alignment or not. It requires an in-depth understanding of what the ideology is and how it is applied in behaviors, decisions, and actions.

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Stay on track despite instability and an unknown future.
Mar 20, 2017

A good leader understands the risks and the challenges to stay on track despite the instability and unknown future.

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Don’t manage change. Lead a transformation.
Mar 9, 2017

We often confuse “transformational leadership” with “change management.” They are two different things. Someone can be a good change manager, but may not be a good transformational leader. However, the greater a leader, most likely, the more transformational they are.

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Five Ways to Effective Multicultural Leadership
Oct 23, 2016

According to leadership expert Juana Bordas, in today’s globalized world, multicultural leadership combines influences, practices, and values of the diverse culture in a respectful and productive manner. It also requires awareness on various situations, contexts, and assumptions.

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Five ways that a commitment-based leader can improve the execution process
Oct 16, 2016

commitment-based leadership is a leadership style that works by commitment-based management, where an organization is driven by the quality and fulfillment of explicit network of commitments made between people in the organization and their customers. And there are five ways that a commitment-based leader can improve the execution process

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Jose Ruiz will chair the Association of Executive Search Consultant’s boutique and independent firm forum
Oct 5, 2016

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A top recruiter on what anyone can see after 30 seconds with your resume
Oct 21, 2015

This question originally appeared on Quora: What do recruiters look for in a resume at first glance?

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The money competency
Aug 23, 2015

If you want a top job or any management position for that matter, you must have evidence of taking care of the money and making it grow. Let's call it "The Money Competency".

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High-performance is the new average
Aug 21, 2015

Don’t expect the organization you work for to plan your career, establish your direction and pay for training you need to achieve your long-term goals.

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Diversity recruiting or recruiting for diversity
Aug 20, 2015

Diversity efforts in recruiting are meant to create a diverse team in the workplace, which is different from a recruiting process that is diverse.

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Are your skills and competencies portable?
May 10, 2015

Your potential performance outside of your current organization and your future potential for success can be debated if there is only evidence of success with a single organization, and hence, a single support structure and environment.

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Brakston Grey adds recruiter to maquiladora practice
Mar 20, 2014

Brakston Grey, the division of Alder Koten that focuses on high potential professionals and managers on a development path for executive positions, announced today that Fabiola Gonzalez has joined the firm in Monterrey as an engagement manager to strengthen the firm’s maquiladora, and supply chain & operations practices. “We’re very excited to have Fabiola join the team” said […]

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What is the difference between competences and competencies?
Apr 10, 2011

In short, a competence's focus in on the what and the competency's focus is on the how.

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