Leadership is not about you

Leadership is not about you

If you collected every single article that defined leadership, you’d probably have reading material for a many years, and you’d probably go crazy with ideas and suggestions on how to improve your leadership skills.

Leadership is much like parenting. You can read a lot, you can be taught, you can be mentored and guided, but in the end your leadership style will be unique to your experiences and particular situations. There will seldom be black or white answers. However, just like parenting, the one irrefutable characteristic about true leadership is that it is not about you.

Good leadership is not reflected in the leader’s actions; it is reflected in the impact and effect of those actions on the team. This is not a plea for servant leadership, a humble leader, leading from the back or leading softly. I believe in that, but I don’t believe a good leader can, or should be that all the time. A leader should adapt to the environment and what the team needs today without losing sight of what will be needed tomorrow and always preparing for that moment when he or she will no longer be there. Guaranteeing the growth and sustainability of the team and the individuals that comprise it beyond the leader’s time is the ultimate trait of a great leader. In fact, the true success of a leader can not be measured without considering the results of the succession plan.


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