Are your skills and competencies portable?

Are your skills and competencies portable?
Career Portability

Your potential performance outside of your current organization and your future potential for success can be debated if there is only evidence of success with a single organization, and hence, a single support structure and environment. How portable are your key competencies? Will you be able to replicate your success with a different support structure and in a different environment?

Portable competencies are defined as those that can be transferred into a different organization.

For example, a successful Marketing Manager at a global consumer products organization with a strong support structure, and working in a highly customer focused environment may not fully transfer his competencies and skills to a small start-up company focused on industrial markets where he would have to be a one man band and would lack the key systems and data history that would be typical for a larger consumer products company.

As you focus on your development and develop competencies, question their portability.

Portability is a key component of your market value and critical to guarantee your future.


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