Diversity recruiting or recruiting for diversity

Diversity recruiting or recruiting for diversity

By Jose J. Ruiz | Alder Koten

I was at a dinner party last weekend and in the middle of a conversation regarding the labor market with the current economy I mentioned that the hiring has not completely died off but it has turned very specific. Organizations are trying to fill very specific positions with very specific profiles including profiles that require multicultural backgrounds. Recruiting for diverse teams.

An HR Manager working for a Fortune 500 mentioned that he felt diversity was turning into reverse discrimination. The issue in question was a recruiting process that was skewed towards “Diversity Candidates” and thus was discriminating against “Non-Diversity Candidates”

Reverse discrimination is a discussion that can last for hours specially if there is red wine involved. However it did open up the door to discuss the difference between recruiting for diversity.

Diversity efforts in recruiting are meant to create a diverse team in the workplace, which is different from a recruiting process that is diverse. It becomes just like any other search where specific requirements are targeted to complement a team. So a recruiting effort to build a diverse team will be a targeted effort.

How the team is structured and the reasons behind and organization’s effort to build a diverse team is a whole different story.


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