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Our  Services

Acquire High-Impact Talent

We are a process driven firm. Through deep understanding of local cultures and behaviors as well as global corporate values, we´ve developed the ability to design tailored services based on the specific needs of each of our customers.

Our  Services

Leverage talent for innovation and growth

We are a process driven firm. Through deep understanding of local cultures and behaviors as well as global corporate values, we´ve developed the ability to design tailored services based on the specific needs of each of our customers.

Our  Services
Career Services

Helping individuals achieve sustainable development.

Help achieve specific personal and professional goals by developing potential, improving relationships, and enhancing performance. As an executive, your career success will depend on an ongoing strategy, active engagement in your career direction, and routine updates of your resume and online presence.

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Global Reach With Local Knowledge

The firm's headquarters are located in Houston and it has offices in Guadalajara, Monterrey, Mexico City with partner firms in the rest of the world .

Alder Koten Global
Don’t manage change. Lead a transformation.
Mar 9, 2017

We often confuse “transformational leadership” with “change management.” They are two different things. Someone can be a good change manager, but may not be a good transformational leader. However, the greater a leader, most likely, the more transformational they are.

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Diversity recruiting or recruiting for diversity
Aug 20, 2015

Diversity efforts in recruiting are meant to create a diverse team in the workplace, which is different from a recruiting process that is diverse.

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The money competency
Aug 23, 2015

If you want a top job or any management position for that matter, you must have evidence of taking care of the money and making it grow. Let's call it "The Money Competency".

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Shared Leadership: How It Can Make Your Organization Better
Sep 16, 2019

Due to the increasingly complex business world, many growing organizations introduce shared leadership. The philosophy of shared leadership lies in optimizing human capital to provide the best possible solution to various issues surrounding the organization. To be successful, shared leadership requires several conditions, which must be met.

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Alder Koten’s Jose Ruiz named to AESC’s Americas Council
Jan 14, 2018

The Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) has named Alder Koten's Jose Ruiz to the America's Council. AESC Members operate at the highest standard in the executive search and leadership consulting profession worldwide.

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Do these 9 things maintain the delicate balance of work and life
Jul 20, 2017

Work-life balance does not come automatically. You must work on them mindfully. Love yourself, so you can contribute more to your job and make a good living for your loved ones.

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How to keep conversations focused and on-track
Dec 13, 2017

. Before we can apply the most appropriate attention management strategies, we need to recognize the types of attention and the available tools. We also need to recognize the various internal conditions, such as emotional and psychological, that contribute to our inability to focus.

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Seven ways to be a leader that listens
Sep 18, 2017

Seven ways to be a leader that listens by Jose Ruiz serves as Alder Koten’s Chief Executive Officer providing vision, strategic direction and the roadmap for the firm’s future. He is also involved in executive search work focused on board members, CEOs and senior-level executives; and consulting engagements related to leadership and organizational effectiveness helping clients create thriving cultures.

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Compensation Structures in Mexico
Aug 26, 2011

An informative outline to help managers like you, gain a better understanding of hiring and managing in Mexico.

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10 ways to bridge cultural diversity
Dec 17, 2017

Whether you are a manager of a diverse group or managing in a foreign country, it is recommended to acknowledge and implement the following.

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Listening first: A lesson from Lincoln
Sep 27, 2015

Lincoln was patient enough to convey the unspoken message and strong enough to understand that every questions requires a detailed justified answer. Listening and acknowledging can sometimes be the strongest answer.

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Board Directors Need to Get Involved With Cyber Risk
Jan 27, 2018

Boards of directors need to be aware of cybersecurity risks and shouldn't merely rely on reports by senior IT executives.

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Career portability. A lesson from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Seriously)
Aug 20, 2015

plan your career and make decisions ask yourself the question: How portable and independent am I? Can I be equally successful in another organization or position? Am I worth what they pay me in the open market? Be brutally honest with yourself. Identify the gaps and make sure you’re portable.

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How to Lead 4 Generations at Work
Apr 3, 2019

Global life expectancy has improved, allowing healthy individuals to live well to 85, 90, or even more than 100 years old. This translates to having four generations at the workplace all at the same time.

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Don’t just interview. Polish your skills and perform.
May 10, 2015

A quick search on Google will yield much information on how to prepare for an interview. You can find many interview questions and many guides on how to dress and even what questions to ask, but it all comes down to you wanting to spend the time to prepare yourself for the interview. Unfortunately, the […]

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Alder Koten: Transforming the Future of Organizational Leadership
Apr 11, 2019

Alder Koten, an executive search and recruitment firm is an expert in helping organizations respond to innovative business practices and new technology implementations through authentic, adaptive, and transformative leadership.

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A top recruiter on what anyone can see after 30 seconds with your resume
Oct 21, 2015

This question originally appeared on Quora: What do recruiters look for in a resume at first glance?

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Are you really listening? You’re not fooling anyone.
Sep 16, 2015

Listening is an effective component of leadership when it becomes a behavior that builds credibility and supports a leader’s ability to guide others into finding their answers versus providing them. The highest level of listening is achieved when it supports leadership as a relationship. When trust is supported by the follower’s perception of the leader’s ability to listen and discern prior to deciding or emitting judgments.

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Types of Executive Search Firms: Retained vs. Contingency Search
Jan 8, 2018

Learn about executive search firms and how they work. Discover the difference between retained and contingency search, and what best fits your company’s needs.

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Four truths about EQ that make a difference in your career
Aug 28, 2017

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has been the buzzword for years. Successful leaders are said to have high emotional intelligence. Moreover, those with high EQ are likely to succeed in society. While it is true that EQ determines one’s level of success, it is not the only success factor. There a

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Want to lead and succeed? You need a positive outlook
Jan 20, 2018

To lead successfully, a leader needs a positive outlook on life and career, because it would spill over to other areas, particularly when leading others.

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Don’t just say it, prove it
May 10, 2015

Selling and describing yourself in a resume, a presentation, an interview or meeting is a crucial factor in getting noticed, getting promoted or getting hired.

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The Pay Increase You Should Expect When Changing Jobs
Aug 23, 2015

How much? There is no easy answer to this question but the best way to address it is to understand a company’s typical thought process.

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The Advantages of Manufacturing in Mexico
Nov 12, 2016

Manufacturing Mexico allows American companies to save costs and use a greater portion of their profits for research and product development. This, in return, would increase more production to be manufactured in Mexico. The maquiladora industry provides Mexico with good employment, economic stability, and foreign exchange. A win-win relationship.

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